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<span>Frequently Asked Questions</span>

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking, Cancellation and Deposits

Q: If I have to cancel within 14 days of booking will I lose all my money?
A: We will try our best to avoid that. We will list your room and try and get another guest to take your room. If we are successful we will refund you in full. The earlier you cancel the more likelihood we can achieve that.
Q: If I have a death or other unfortunate situation will you still not refund me if I cancel?
A: We have every sympathy and will try our very best to be considerate. However we cannot insure against such events but you can. If you book using many credit cards you may have insurance already and many annual policies cost under $100.
Q:What is your cancellation policy?
A: A non refundable deposit of $300 is processed at the time the booking is made to guarantee your reservation. The balance is charged 14 days prior to arrival and is charged to your credit card at that time. Reservations are guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit.Our Cancellation Policy is 14 days for Suites and 30 days for Cottages, so please be sure to call if you are not able to keep your reservation. We will confirm your cancellation by email. If you cancel with less than 14 days for Suites and 30 days for Cottages, we reserve the right to fully charge for all nights for which we are unable to secure a replacement booking. We will issue a full refund, less the non refundable deposit fee provided we are able to rent the Suite / Cottage to another guest for the entire reserved period.Please note the cancellation policy also applies to reservations booked with Gift Certificates. ”No Shows” and unscheduled early departures are subject to full payment for all nights reserved.

We are a small Inn and our cancellation policies must be more restrictive than a large hotel, we recommend you consider traveler’s insurance to protect your vacation.

A cancellation is very disappointing to both the guests who have decided to cancel and the Inn. In most instances, we will have turned away other guests who would have reserved for your dates.

We strongly suggest Travel Insurance to protect your holiday.

Children and Infants

Q: Am I allowed to bring children and infants?
A: Please call us – we are an adult-orientated inn with mainly couples coming for a relaxing and romantic time. However at certain times and with suitable room availability, families have awesome times here.

Check in and Checkout

Q: Can we have late Check Out/ early Check Inn?
A: If we are suitably staffed and it is possible we will always do our best to help you with your requirements and in any case you are always welcome to drop off bags and go for a kayak/hike/paddleboard/hot tub before check in and after check out.

Disabled Access

Q: What facilities do you have for disabled guests?
A: Our property does not have any specific disabled-access rooms so please call us to discuss your requirements. We have had guests in wheelchairs (with able helpers) visit and have a fantastic time here. However, our property is on a natural terraced slope to the ocean wit gravel paths and so it is not ideal but two rooms have level access and decks are accessible with stunning views. So call us before booking and we can discuss your particular needs.

Diet Requirements and Breakfasts

Q: Can you provide vegan/gluten-free/vegetarian,etc breakfasts?
A: We pride ourselves in helping you enjoy your time here and a big part of our pride is ensuring you enjoy our food – so yes we will do our very best to provide delicious food despite any restrictions you may have.

Extra Adults

Q: There are three or four of us wanting to share a room – is that possible?
A: No. Our rooms are designed for two adults having a romantic getaway. If you wish us accommodate children please email us as we may have a solution.

Getting There

Q: Can I get here by transit?

Route 1 — Langdale Ferry-Gibsons/Sechelt

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Q:Can I fly by Sea Plane?
A: Of course.


Harbour Air terminal is located in Porpoise Bay besides The Lighthouse Pub.



Harbour Air,5764 Wharf Road,
Porpoise Bay, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0






A: We are a discreet, friendly and inclusive Inn welcoming everyone to enjoy the stunning scenery and tranquility.


Q: We know you don’t allow pets but do you accept service dogs for disabled or blind people?
A: Yes we do but do ask you to be particularly careful and bring your own dog blankets and to restrict your dogs access to soft furnishings.

Restaurants and Shops

Q: Are there any convenience stores close by?
A: No, there are no stores or restaurants of any kind until you reach Sechelt which is 10 km away. This small town has everything you could possibly need.

Spa and Massage

Q: How do we book spa treatments?
A: We have a local massage expert offering in-room massages -please email us for more information — there is also a full-service spa called at the waters edge a few minutes walk away..please call the direct Toll free: 1.800.665.2311 to make an appointment


Q: What’s the best time of year to visit?
A: Each season here is very special. Laying on deserted beach mid-summer, lounging in the hot tub with frost on the ground and migrating birds flying around mid winter. Our personal favorites months are April/May when the mountains are still full of snow, the days are long and the weather warm. Also September as the water is so. so warm and the sunsets are spectacular. Mid-Winter is also exciting, trekking in snow in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park followed by a super soak in the steaming hot tub!

Weddings and Special Events

Q: How many people can be accommodated?
A: If the various vacation homes and BnB in Tuwanek get together – as we often do- up to 60 guests can be staying within a very short walk of each other. We also have anoher location close by which can be booked for up to 100 guest events. email us for details.