TRANQUILITY BAY FOR SALE – live the dream $2,395,000

[title type=”h3″ class=”title_blue”]“TRANQUILITY BAY FOR SALE- live the dream $2,395,000”[/title]

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Turn Key – you can walk in and start living the dream on completion day

Stunning property including furnishings, equipment and water toys

27 foot sailboat, motor cruiser, 260 HP speedboat, Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards

Full training and support available for Sailing, Fishing, Boating. Cooking, Hospitality, Accounting, Website and Marketing


[title type=”h3″ class=”title_blue”]“Highly Rated Luxury Inn”[/title]
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No.1 ( of 89)  TripAdvisor Sunshine Coast

No.18 ( of 1642)  TripAdvisor British Columbia 4.9/5.0 Star rating 9.4/10


[title type=”h3″ class=”title_blue”]“A sound financial and lifestyle investment with income”[/title]

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Stunning Waterfront Property

Blood pressure dropped 25 points within a month of moving here from Vancouver.
Instead of checking emails I was checking tide tables for pulling my prawn and crab traps.

Waterfront Real Estate typically increases at 50% more than non-waterfront

Sechelt has scheduled 20 minute flights to YVR and Downtown Vancouver for +/- $100

Fixed Link potential replacing ferries

$120,000 Seasonal Revenue + optional additional revenue of $60,000+

Pick Oysters from your own beach. fish from your own dock, catch live crab and prawns from your own traps all year , just minutes from your dock.

Three Private Entrance Suites @ $250 – $350 per night

Additional Boat Charters from your own dock + $30,000 revenue having fun @ $150 per hour



[toggle_content title=”Why are you selling?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Why are you selling?[/title]

We have enjoyed three spectacular summers in paradise. We have met many awesome guests from all over the world, some who have become good friends. Many will have heard us say ‘ we are having the best time of our lives’.

We are selling as our personal preference is for our children to walk to school vs getting a school bus. We had always planned to sell and move at that time. We also realise it is important that our children make friends now with the children they will go to school with in 2 years time.


[toggle_content title=”What profit is made?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]What profit is made?[/title]

Profit amount really is up to you . The costs of running the business are for the ingredients in the breakfast , property taxes $8000 , insurance $1250 , hydro $4000 , firewood $600 . It is quite possible to carry out all work yourselves; cleaning , property maintenance, gardening, etc.  Or you can have contractors help out at around $18 per hour.

There is many potential increases of revenue such as boat charters, weddings, etc.

You can balance your lifestyle needs vs income needs yourselves. We kept to one wedding per year but had requests for around 20. We also could have been busy 7 days a week, 8 hours a day, all Summer with sailing and fishing trips for guests and other tourists at $150+ per hour.


[toggle_content title=”Is a mortgage possible?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Is a mortgage possible?[/title]

We are not offering any finance to buyers but it it is possible to get a mortgage from Sunshine Coast Credit Union (ph; 604 740-2662). SCCU are very supportive of businesses and newcomers to the coast. The property is well known to them and so they are likely to be keen to assist. Deposit amount required and rates, etc would depend very much on your personal circumstances and we cannot offer any advice to you as all situations are very different and you should speak direct to SCCU . You should be aware that many of the major lenders are not as supportive as SCCU so I do strongly recommend you make contact with them as they know the Sunshine Coast and this property very well and may make thsi purchase possible when another lender cannot.


[toggle_content title=”Do you have staff? Will they be staying on?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Do you have staff? Will they be staying on?[/title]

We do have a great contractor who cleans and makes up all rooms, maintains gardens , hot tub, etc and is very popular with guests. He loves working here and will be available. We also have great contractors available for any property  or boat repairs and maintenance.

We also have a work-at-home lady who handles all booking and phone calls which means you are totally free to g on vacation, etc without guests being let down who have inquiries. We also have a couple who will sit in and house sit or BnB sit if you prefer to remain open whne travelling or have a sudden unexpected  need to be away.


[toggle_content title=”How do your guests find you ? How do you advertise?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]How do your guests find you ? How do you advertise?[/title]

We do not advertise at all. We have an excellent website which appears in many searches and being No.1 on Trip Advisor makes you a first choice for many guests staying on the coast. We are also listed with Expedia, and – these agencies charge around 15% commission for bookings.


[toggle_content title=”What Privacy do you have?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]What privacy do you have?[/title]

Both ourselves and our guests enjoy total and extensive privacy. Each guest suite has its own private entrance and our own huge beautiful living space is not part of the guest experience. All bookings are processed and paid online prior to arrival so there is no need for an office or reception.

Our private space features huge windows and deck to enjoy the stunning ocean, mountain and island view. We have a gourmet kitchen, living area, dining room, wood fire place, four bedrooms.


[toggle_content title=”Are you tied down to being at home all the time?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Are you tied down to being at home all the time?[/title]

No – this is a myth about running a BnB. In fact 100% of our bookings are made online and 95% of guests book direct without even making contact by email or phone. If you are wanting to take days, weeks or months off – you simply block of these dates in your online booking system.

We are typically busy around 8.30 am to 11.00 making and serving breakfasts and helping guests with their vacation plans, but it is not necessary to be at home at other times or for check-ins. We provide guests with self check in information and key-code entry which means guests can arrive at their leisure without you having to be there or the guests worrying about being late. Of course, if we are at home anyway we will welcome guests and show them around but it is not really necessary.

We also have a work-at-home lady who handles all booking emails and phone calls which means you are totally free to g on vacation, etc without guests being let down who have inquiries. We also have a couple who will sit in and house sit or BnB sit if you prefer to remain open whne travelling or have a sudden unexpected  need to be away.


[toggle_content title=”Are you looking for a Realtor?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Are you looking for a Realtor?[/title]

No – we are not looking for a Realtor at this time or listing on MLS – this is a private sale- but will pay any Real Estate Agent an attractive fee if a sale results.

Email: with full details if you have a client interested


[toggle_content title=”Can we arrange to view this property?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]Can we arrange to view this property?[/title]

We are arranging an open day in January for qualified buyers – please email in certain cases if you have an urgent need to purchase we may be able to arrange an earlier private viewing.


[toggle_content title=”What are the details of the Real Estate?”]
[title type=”h2″ class=””]What are the details of the Real Estate?[/title]

2 STY house – custom
Jurol 08-570-06029027
(2016) $1,155,000 =
$514,000 (land) + $641,000 (bldg)
Lot Size 0.29 ac.


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