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Many guests enjoy the privacy of one of the five sun decks or beach, soaking in the views, sun, wildlife and tranquility. Maybe an occasional swim or paddle-board from the dock or a Sailing trip right from the dock but there is much to do on the Sunshine Coast.

Bear and Cougar Awareness

Bear and Cougar Awareness

Bears and cougars are wild, powerful and unpredictable. Despite the number of visitors to British Columbia’s protected areas each year, encounters between these animals and humans are low. Actual attacks are extremely rare. When they do occur, it is generally the result of peoples’ careless actions.

Keep your visit to British Columbia’s protected areas safe by acting responsibly and respecting the wildlife.Your actions affect the safety of future park visitors and the animals that make provincial parks their home. By using the information in this brochure, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with encountering a bear or cougar in the wild.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Humming Bird

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Guests really need not leave Tranquility Bay to see wildlife. At any moment we have 15+ bird species, Squirrels,Chipmunks, Seals, Sea Otters occasional Black Bear, Coyote, Dolphins and Orcas.
The Sunshine Coast is a wilderness and there is even more to explore in the area

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Riders of all levels will experience trails built and designed by the world-renowned builders and riders,the Coastal Crew Coast Gravity Park will have a user-friendly shuttle system for 2014 to access trails carved through pristine low elevation ocean front forest. We are accepting day pass reservations so book your spots and come have your best days.

Coast Gravity Park, the Sunshine Coast’s first gravity fed mountain bike facility. Located just 5 km from Tranquility Bay.




Tranquility Bay makes the perfect luxury dive vacation , with enjoyable diving right off the dock suitable for all levels. Close by we have an artificial reef which was created using the wreck of the HMCS Chaudière. The Sunshine Coast of Canada is renowned for some of the best diving in the world, earning praise from Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic. Clear water, varied dive sites, and the opportunity to catch sight of a large octopus or a wolf eel, draw divers to the area.

Dive Master plus dive boat available from $150 an hour

Diving Charters

Diving Charters



Looking to reel in a giant Coho salmon or catch a glistening Rainbow trout? Recreational and hardcore fishers have many options, surrounded by the pristine waters of Howe Sound, the Strait of Georgia, and local lakes and rivers.

The Sunshine Coast is just a 40-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver, so those visiting Vancouver can come up here for a day of fishing and return to their hotel beds that same night.

Like the rest of the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt offers superb saltwater and freshwater fishing throughout the year.


Saltwater Fishing

Excellent fishing abounds in Davis Bay, directly south of Sechelt. June through September is the prime season for catching Coho salmon. Charter a fishing boat or fish directly off the beach.

The Chapman Creek hatchery, situated at Wilson Creek between Sechelt and Roberts Creek, has played a major role in keeping local fish stocks high. Sechelt Inlet, north of Sechelt, burgeons with Coho salmon, Pink and Sockeye salmon (particularly August to September), and Chum salmon (particularly September to October).

Further up the Sunshine Coast, saltwater fishing charters are available out of Pender Harbour. Sport fishers can enjoy watching out for dolphins, seals, and whales while wielding fishing rods. Bottom fish such as cod, snappers, and flounder can also be caught along the Sunshine Coast, and there is excellent prawning and crabbing for seafood aficionados, as well as oysters and clams.

Freshwater Fishing

One of the best freshwater fishing opportunities near Sechelt is at Trout Lake. It’s located near Halfmoon Bay, 10km/6mi north of Sechelt off Highway 101. Here, anglers enjoy fly fishing for surface-feeding trout. For an affordable day of family fun, check out the annual BC Family Fishing Day (June) or Kids Catch a Trout Day (July) at Trout Lake.

Located near Egmont (51km/32 mi north of Sechelt) and the Earl’s Cove ferry terminal, Sakinaw Lake and Ruby Lake both teem with Cutthroat trout and Coho, Sockeye, and Kokanee salmon. Sakinaw Lake is the biggest lake on the lower Sunshine Coast, encompassing 837ha/2068ac, so expect a serene experience, although other water activities are permitted on these waters.

A licence is required to fish in BC – get your licence online – click here

Fishing and cooking your catch

Fishing and cooking your catch

The highlight of many guest stays is leaving the dock with Sam in his fishing boat to explore the ocean seeking the most scenic fishing spots to spend a couple of ours fishing in the wilderness with only seals, eagles and jumping salmon for company.

Usually you will catch enough for you to BBQ a sea food lunch or dinner your return. Chef Joss is always available for a small fee to perfectly season your catch, and throw in some perfect local ingredients to accompany your delicious fresh seafood.



Floating, also known as floatation therapy, is the practice of floating in a warm pool of water saturated with Epsom salts. The environment is specifically designed to reduce all sensory input, allowing your body and mind to gently fall into a deeply calm and relaxed state and freeing up resources for creativity, healing, and peaceful contemplation.

Floating allows your body and mind to obtain the deepest possible levels of rest, resulting in optimum stress-relief and enhanced physical and mental rejuvenation. Also known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique), floatation therapy is backed up by scientific research and has immense potential for personal growth and healing.

How Does it Work?

During a float, you step into a quiet, warm, private spa called a floatation tank, where you lie back into an 11-inch pool of highly saturated Epsom salt water. The density of the water is double that of the Dead Sea, enabling you to float effortlessly on the surface. You are fully supported, and you expend no physical energy to maintain your position in the water. Unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from the forces of gravity.

Floating allows your body and mind to obtain the deepest possible levels of rest, resulting in optimum stress-relief and enhanced physical and mental rejuvenation


The temperature inside the tank is kept at the same temperature as your skin. As a result, the nerve endings that cover the surface of your skin no longer perceive any sense of separation between the skin and the silky mineral solution that surrounds it. The line between the air and the water becomes blurred, and you have no tactile input on your skin and no pressure points running along your body. When you choose to close the door, your eyes can rest in a comforting darkness that is the same if you open or close them. External sounds are kept to an absolute minimum through extensive soundproofing throughout the building, earplugs, and the design of the tanks themselves.

Free from all external stimulation, your body can achieve a state of relaxation that is deeper, purer, and more beneficial than sleep. With no body to look after, resources are free for use in problem solving, creative exploration, learning, or simply meditation, and rest.

After 90 minutes in this powerful and relaxed state, gentle music softly streams in through speakers in the tank to let you know your float is over. You emerge from the float with a fresh mind, sharpened senses, and a feeling of peace, calm, and happiness that often lasts for hours to days afterwards. We encourage you to explore this state with a cup of tea or in conversation with our staff and others coming out of floats in our lobby.



Lost in the woods for a week or more, occasionally never to return. Organ shutdown. Kidney transplants. Self-mutilation to the extreme. Unfortunate TV footage. Death by misadventure.

Make no mistake, foraging for wild mushrooms is not for the impulsive, or even the well-meaning and earnest folks who take along a field guide and ID shrooms in situ, blithely picking them for a lush fall soup or nutty-sweet risotto.

The news is full to the gills with stories of mushrooming adventures ending badly (see footnotes), and with the recent emphasis on ‘locovore’ harvesting and the rise of forest forays as a pastime around the world, more and more people are taking up this leisure activity. One Italian politician is even under fire for foraging when he was expected to be in the first fall sitting of the Italian legislature. It’s a heady business, these shrooms.

Jack o'Lantern, Chanterelle mushrooms
Jack o’Lantern Mushroom, left, and Pacific Golden Chanterelle, right. (Images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)

Unfortunately, many of the edible mushrooms have dangerous – even deathly – lookalikes. This is true around the world, and certainly on the Sunshine Coast. There are many dopplegangers (‘a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart’ – Miriam Webster Dictionary) for popular edibles, and they don’t necessarily advertise their nefarious natures with cringe-inducing aromas or flavors. The Destroying Angel (Amanita bisporigera) and Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) are two such mushrooms and account for most of the poisonings and deaths around the world, something like 95%. A stem of a single death cap is enough to kill an adult. They look, smell and taste – if not beautiful – certainly innocuous. A dirty trick by Mother Nature, like a bogeyman hiding in the bushes awaiting the inevitable annual stroll of the innocents.

I found what I thought was an innocuous white mushroom on a recent walk. The smaller, younger specimen looked like it could be anything – short-stemmed russula, destroying angel, button mushroom. I picked one to display the entire foot and sent the pictures along to John Field, one of the mushroom experts with my local club.

Woodland Amanita & Smiths Amanita
Amanita silvicola (Western Woodland Amanita), photo Laurie McConnell; Amanita smithiana (Smith’s Amanita), Wikipedia. The one on the right is poisonous, left is unknown.

He came back with an identification of Amanita silvicola (Western Woodland Amanita). ‘The edibility is unknown and it can be confused for the Smith’s amanita, which is definitely poisonous.’ My rule of thumb is: white mushroom beware. It’s only this year that I have learned how to reliably recognize a pine mushroom, and it’s very different as a shroom.

Side story: Brian L. in Powell River, an experienced bushman and mushroom forager told a story last year of a woman waiting at the Saltery Bay ferry terminal with what she thought was a bucket of pine mushrooms. He recognized many of them as Smith’s amanita. He explained what they were and asked her to dump the bucket in the woods outside the terminal and she declined. He eventually had to tell her he was not going to let her get on the boat with them because they would certainly sicken her and perhaps even kill her, at which point she finally agreed to do so. He was shocked at her belief that, despite all identification data to the contrary, she still believed them to be pines.

On top of the identification issue, a number of deadly poisonous and commonly found shrooms cause an initial gastrointestinal issue common to having the flu or food poisoning; the victim seems to recover, only to a day or two later experience the full onset of amatoxin poisoning. By this time it is too late and the majority suffer permanent organ damage or death.

What to do? What IS the safe way to take up mushrooming for edibles on the Sunshine Coast?

Fortunately, there is a great answer: join the local Sunshine Coast Mushroom Society. For a very low annual membership cost, club members have access to regularly held forays with knowledgeable ‘experts’ along, a full library of mushroom identification books, research studies and how-tos, and a network of folks to call up for assistance in identifying mushrooms. There’s even basic id’ing classes in ElderCollege and Capilano University Adult Learning, with special emphasis on the mushrooms to avoid, the #1 thing you need to know. There’s also an annual festival in October – see below.

So know your mushrooms before you eat:

  • Never, NEVER, eat a foraged mushroom unless you are 100% certain in your identification, including spore prints, which are the key to solid identification of any shroom.
  • Select one or two mushrooms each season to study extensively and learn to forage reliably for them with 100% accuracy in identification.
  • Each year (I am in my third year of shrooming as a hobby) redo the id process for the edible mushrooms you intend to eat, including spore prints.
  • As a casual mushroomer, don’t forage for other people.
  • Don’t accept mushrooms from other people unless you know what you are doing and trust the forager’s knowledge. We have enough variety in our grocery stores for the casual mushroom eater to enjoy a wide range of mushrooms, from crimini to portabello to chanterelles and oysters.

When you are trying a new-to-you mushroom for the first time:

  • eat a small amount by itself, thoroughly cooked, and don’t eat any other varieties so you know how your body reacts
  • save a full specimen, including root, in a paper bag in case you need emergency medical care
  • Mushrooms that are edible for many can still be poisonous to you; I know a man who is allergic to chanterelles, though he can eat many other shrooms.
  • Cook all mushrooms thoroughly.
  • Keep your mushrooms separate when you are picking, to keep potentially poisonous ones away from other edibles. Better safe than sorry.

All that being said, mushroom foraging as a hobby is a wonderful way to become deeply familiar with the cycles of nature, inter dependencies between species, and absorb some highly beneficial vitamin D. Even when rain is present, the combination of exercise and ambient light can strongly offset seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. I speak from personal experience.

When picking in crown lands or off logging roads or in places where there is likely to be few other people around:

  • go with someone if at all possible
  • tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back, and check in when you arrive home
  • bring water, flashlight and light food in a backpack (power bars, chocolate, jerky, fruit)
  • pack a plastic bag for rain protection in case you get lost
  • bring a whistle for signalling if you become lost
  • take a bush skills survival course (this year the Mushroom Society offered one in the Halfmoon Bay area)
  • make sure your cell phone is fully charged but remember there are many locations without cell service on the Coast
  • load an app on to your phone like the Sunshine Coast Trails app, for gps positioning and assistance locating nearby trails
  • always orient yourself before entering the woods and note helpful information in your immediate environment such as slopes and their directions, any running streams, gaps of extra light in trees (roads, often). Be sure to look up often and reorient; many people get lost by simply only paying attention to the ground and chasing after that next elusive spot just over a deadfall
  • keep a waterproof field notebook and note down any relevant observations, both for locating yourself, and for finding the spot again in the future.

If you want to learn more about mushrooming on the Sunshine Coast, plan to attend this October’s 5th Annual Mushroom Festival presented by the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Society. It will be held October 18 – 20 in various locations on the Coast and offers forays with a renowned mushroom expert (one for shroom society members, the other for the public), public talk at the Roberts Creek Hall Friday night, a full day of displays and mushroom-related education and bring-your-shrooms-for-identification at the Pender Harbour Community Hall on the Saturday, and the stupendous Mushroom Dinner & Presentation at The Restaurant at Painted Boat Resort Saturday night (this is a sell-out event every year, so grab your space now).

– by Laurie McConnell, Publisher and amateur shroomer, vetted by Sunshine Coast Mushroom Society experts.



Old growth forest is protected in British Columbia’s many parks. We are very fortunate on the Sunshine Coast to have many of our forests as living testimonials to the natural history of the area. While pictures may provide one with a sense of these majestic trees, seeing them in their rain forest environment is truly amazing.

The Groves are for all – hardy hikers and just strollers too.With over 125 acres, there are easy walks of just a 15 minutes and some longer.All trails are well marked and signed and prepared for your safety and comfort.

Some Nice Things About The Hidden Groves

  • unique combination of ancient giant trees, maple wetland and  rocky  promontories.
  • easy access and parking  at  entrance to trails
  • Views of Vancouver Island and Sechelt Inlet
  • most trails are a minimal challenge
  • legal off-leash area for well behaved dogs

only 3km from Tranquility Bay and the most stunning trails of the coast


Kayak Tours

Ocean Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals & Tours

Zodiac Tours & Boat Charters in beautiful BC

Pedals’s & Paddles is Sechelts’ founding kayak outfitter, we set the standard and continue to lead in providing the highest level of customer service. We strive to make this activity the highlight of your vacation.
Pedals & Paddles Adventure Sports has been offering exceptional customer service and kayak and canoe rentals and kayak tours since 1991, and now offering Zodiac tours and charters too. Our success is a combination of the best waterfront location on the Sunshine Coast, exceptional customer service and the spectacular scenery and wildlife that surround us. Call us to book a guided tour or rental toll free at 1-866-885-6440. We are ready to help you plan your adventure!

We are happy to create a custom package for you, just call us. Combine a great guide/captain, take some kayaks on the Zodiac and have an exciting ride to Narrows Inlet, paddle around the pristine, calm waters while Dave builds a campfire for you to cook your lunch. Or have a beach party at our private beach with BBQ, badminton, paddle boards…you tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

Our private beach is the ideal location to launch in a natural, pristine BC West coast environment We can cater to paddlers that like to camp, giving access to 9 Wilderness Parks that are free. You may prefer the luxury of a bed and stay in one of the dozens of cottages and B&B’s all within a few miles of our location. Either way, we offer free parking to our guests and can provide water shoes, dry bags, maps, information, water and other services all included.

Our 2 hour tour is like a lesson/tour, so no experience is needed. You will learn all the basics to make your paddle fun and enjoyable. We are also happy to create a custom tour for you at any time.

You may chose from self guided tours or join one of our popular guided tours with our friendly, certified guides. Our 2 hour tour is like a lesson/tour, so no experience is needed. You will learn all the basics to make your paddle fun and enjoyable. We are also happy to create a custom tour for you at any time. With 24 years experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your adventure safe and memorable.

Did I mention our location? We are at the end of the road, away from the seaplane and boat traffic, gateway to some of the prettiest scenery and 9 free campsites! And a great opportunity to see wildlife such as eagles, seals, deer, bear, all varieties of ducks and birds. And if you’re lucky you will paddle with the dolphins, and if you are really lucky you will see Orca…check out the video taken May 26 2013 Orcas and Dolphins in Sechelt Inlet. You will definitively see the beautiful Caren and Richardson mountain ranges falling down to meet the ocean. Spectacular!

On the Water at Tranquility Bay

On the Water at Tranquility Bay

Guests are fortunate to be staying at an Inn with unlimited free and easy access to Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Canoes , a Swim Dock, Snorkels and Masks, a Pedal Boat along with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable host encouraging you to SAFELY enjoy the incredible aquatic paradise of Tranquility Bay. For those wanting to enjoy the stunning scenery there are boat trips right from the Inn’s dock.




Sailing Trips

Sailing Trips

Sailing trips in our sailboat direct from our dock are great fun and often the highlight of guest’s visits to BC. For anyone interested, Sam will share his experience of teaching sailing and have you at the helm on the high seas. Many guest have left Tranquility Bay with plans to buy a boat!

“The highlight of our stay was the sailing trip with Sam. If you haven’t sailed before you have to try this. It’s beautiful and relaxing out on a sailboat but you can also get hands-on if you want. Sam is great at communicating the basics of sailing in a way that non-sailors can figure out quickly. We got a chance to sail most of the return trip back to the dock and it was lots of fun. Highly recommended. If we stayed longer we would’ve tried the fishing trip as well. Next time! “

Sea Plane Tours

Sechelt Panorama Experience

Depart Sechelt on our 20 minute tour exploring the Inlet and Sechelt Peninsula before looping back around Thormanby Island and back to Sechelt.

  • 20 minutes with a 10-minute flight
  • $72.00 (includes taxes and fees) Per adult
  • $36.00 (includes taxes and fees) Per child*


Sechelt Panorama

Depart Sechelt on our 40 minute tour exploring even more of the Inlet and Sechelt Peninsula. Enjoy the magnificent view of the famous Skookumchuck Narrows and Sakinaw Lake, from the air.

  • 40 minute tour
  • Daily, operating year-round
  • $104.00 (including taxes) Per adult
  • $52.00 (including taxes) Per child*

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Tranquility Bay is in Tuwanek – oem of the No.4 Dive site in BC. You can dive right from our dock bt it is recognided as a shore dive.The dive starts at a buoy where you descend. It takes about an hour to swim completely around the island. I normally start at a depth of 60 to 80 feet. It is worth going this deep to see the wall of tunicates. Tuwanek is a good place for greenlings, crabs and octopus. This time no luck on the octopus, lots of dens but nobody home.

The Sunshine Coast of Canada is renowned for some of the best diving in the world, earning praise from Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic. Clear water, varied dive sites, and the opportunity to catch sight of a large octopus or a wolf eel, draw divers to the area. There is also an artificial reef which was created using the wreck of the HMCS Chaudière.

This Video and photos are of the seabed 50 meters from our own dock

There are diving outfits on the Coast which offer diving charters, guided dives and lessons, and a dive shop in Sechelt will equip you with everything you’ll need for your diving experience. In addition, the Sechelt branch of Capilano University offers a Professional Scuba Diver Instructor program.

Snowshoeing and Cross Country ski-ing

Snowshoeing and Cross Country ski-ing

First a bit about the park. Tetrahedron Provincial Park is a 6000 hectare (14,800 acre) park located in the coastal range mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The park is bound roughly by the Salmon Inlet to the North, Rainy River to the East, Mount Elphinstone to the South, and Grey Creek to the West. The park varies in elevation from about 900 meters to 1800 meters and contains 3 notable local mountain peaks being Tetrahedron Peak, Panther Peak, and Mount Steele. The park also contains multiple subsidiary peaks to these three main peaks. The park contains 4 cabins which are maintained by theTetrahedron Outdoor Club, a total of 10 sizable lakes, and many creeks including the headwaters of Grey Creek, Chapman Creek, and McNair Creek. Much of the Western side of the park has been clear cut and contains minimal growth to some minor new growth. Once East of Gilbert Lake and Bachelor Lake, more old growth forest is predominent. In the higher elevations the forests thin out as the tempatures become cooler and the ground less fertile to support larger trees.

The park varies in elevation from about 900 meters to 1800 meters and contains 3 notable local mountain peaks being Tetrahedron Peak, Panther Peak, and Mount Steele.

Access to the park is via an old logging road called the Grey Creek access road which begins near Tuwanek and then roughly follows the power lines and Grey Creek canyon up to the designated parking areas. All seasoned park users recommend a 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle in the best of conditions. During the winter time the road is voluntarily maintained by a local who loves the park, however the road is not garanteed to be cleared of snow, and even when it is there is typically a layer of hard pack snow and / or ice left behind. During snow conditions at any point on the road a high profile 4 wheel drive vehicle is considered essential and snow chains should be carried along with the knowledge of how to use them. A shovel is also highly recommended.

The park features 4 primary trails, each of which lead to one of the 4 cabins, and 2 winter only trails which traverse the surface of frozen lakes. Even the longest trail (McNair) is less than 10 Km and can be traveresed by a healthy hiker or skier in about half a day. Use of the park during winter is risky. TheTetrahedron Outdoor Club website features a lot of details about how to better prepare to visit the park during the winter months. Survival and navigation skills are a must! Do not attempt to cross frozen lakes without consulting ice conditions before hand.


Spa Services

Tranquility Bay Waterfront Inn has an oceanfront therapeutic hot tub, offers in-room massage services and is only a 3 minute walk away from its partner’s renowned and beautiful full-service spa offering the following services and packages.

“Truly blissful spa day”

Away for a girls weekend, we each pre-booked treatments at the spa and it was the highlight of our day. The spa is a cozy space, but tranquil and inviting. Quiet sounds echoing in the background throughout the afternoon as we gazed onto the ocean or sipped ice water or snoozed on the massage table. I had the divine massage and for 75 minutes I was released into deep stress relief that allowed me to truly relax and feel peaceful. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. I also was able to linger a while longer after the massage to absorb the continued effects of this treatment, eyes closed, deep breaths. Sitting on the deck for an hour afterwards, letting the ocean draw me in, truly set the tone of relaxation and peace for the rest of the weekend. Wow! Sharon and Krista were professional and warm and reflect the laid back heart of the coast. Highly recommend At the Water’s Edge Spa!

Water’s Edge Spa Escape

  • Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
  • Classic Signature Relaxing Massage
  • Eminence Organic Facial
  • 150 min
  • $249

Couples day at the spa— 240 min – Mix and match any 4 services

  • $349
  • Classic Signature Relaxing Massage (50 min)
  • Waters Edge Massage
    ($20.00 upgrade as includes foot treatment and
    Mini Facial 60 Min Service)
  • Aromassage (50 min)
  • Classic  Pedicure (60 min)
  • Eminence Organic Eye Treatment (30 min)
  • Eminence Facial (60 min)
  • Eminence Facial Anti Aging
    ($20.00 upgrade as 75 Min Service)
  • Cucumber Mint or
    Blueberry Soy Body  Wrap
    ($20.00 upgrade for wraps as 75 Min Service)
  • Classic Manicure – 50 Min
  • Cucumber Mint or
    Blueberry Soy Body Scrub (50 min)


  • Aromassage
  • Waters Edge Pedicure with Paraffin
  • Eminence Facial Anti Aging
  • Cucumber Mint or Blueberry Soy Body Wrap
  • 240 min
  • $399

Spa Bundles for Girls Day at the spa — IT’S ALL ABOUT US , DAY AT THE SPA

Choose any services:

  • Signature Relaxing Full Body Massage (50 min)
  • Waters Edge Divine Massage (75 Min )
    ($20.00 upgrade as includes foot treatment and Mini Facial)
  • 240 min
  • $399
  • Aromassage (60 min)
    ($20.00 upgrade for Aroma Massage)
  • Classic Pedicure with Paraffin (70 min)
  • Eminence Organic Eye Treatment (30 min)
  • Eminence Facial (60 min)
  • Eminence Facial Anti Aging (75 Min)
    ($20.00 upgrade as 75 Min Service)
  • Cucumber Mint or
    Blueberry Soy Body  Wrap (60 Min)
    ($20.00 upgrade for wraps as 75 Min Service)
  • Cucumber Mint or
    Blueberry Soy Body Scrub (60 min)
Bundles Treatments Rate per person Savings
Spa Bundles 2 treatments per person $179 $19-$39
Welcome to the Water’s Edge Private Spa Beach House Cottage. Book any Eminence Day at the Spa Package with 2 Treatments or more and we will reserve the Beach Cottage Spa Suite as your own private Spa Suite. Come and experience the oceanfront spa …a new open concept spa located at the waters edge.Amenities:

  • 900 sq. foot 50’s Style Beach Cottage located at The Water’s Edge.
  • Upper loft Spa area and lower treatment room so you can both enjoy services in the privacy of your Beach Spa Cottage
  • Complimentary Cappuccino and Tea Bar so enjoy your favorite beverage while you unwind on the deck overlooking the ocean in between treatments.
  • Luxury Private Ensuite Bath
  • Comfy VIP Robes, Towels and Slippers
  • Experience the finest in home automation with our in room digital spa music and in floor heating for comfy feet.
  • In room wood burning fireplace
  • Outdoor deck with sitting area overlooking the oceanfront and islands.
  • Private in room spa services. A full menu of in room spa services and packages can be  booked in the privacy of your Beach Cottage Spa Suite so relax and let our therapists pamper you.
spa suite

Note: The Private Beach Spa Cottage is booked privately just for you or your group based on the number of services selected. There is no extra charge for this and you are welcome to bring some snacks or a picnic if you are coming in for a few hours. .

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates

The Sunshine Coast has it all. Connect yourself with yoga and nature. Explore the art of yoga and the ocean of being at peace. Our Yoga Retreats are fun and relaxing for everyone. No experience necessary. Join our small group for your unforgettable YOGA RETREAT. Take a deep breath…..and unwind.

Nestled between large cedar trees in an idyllic setting on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. A studio perches with views of the Sea only a short walk from the beach. Designed to give you the best possible experience in progressive fitness Yoga & Pilates

Couples Massage and Yoga Package

coupleThis is great for a little treat on a rainy day or a mom and daughter date when you just need to be pampered. We provide a 45 min Relaxation Yoga class with a room full of candles and soft music followed by a 45 min massage. You will leave feeling like your walking on clouds.